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Healthier Beef With Broccoli + Why I Haven’t Blogged in 3 Months (HUGE NEWS)

Where do I even begin with this?! It’s been 110 days since my last blog post (which is ridiculous), and it feels like every single day has been a whirlwind since then. So folks, you’re in for a long, juicy read with this post. :o) Looking back on the last 3+ months, I can’t believe how much has happened. I didn’t know how spot-on these words from my last post actually were:

“Things have gotten CRAZY busy over the last 4 months in all aspects of my life (personal, professional, and recreational), and I expect it to get even busier in the next 4-6 months. Posting every single week just ain’t happening, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Instead, I’m acknowledging the fact that I’m spending my time doing other things that are really important right now, and I’ll continue to post as often as I can.”

And here’s a little snippet of two posts back:

“I know it might not be kosher to post about this when we have nothing (other than a name) finalized, but hell, I think a girl should be able to dream, dream big, and dream publicly — so I’m throwing this out there a little bit half-baked… We want to change lives. We want to help people get healthy and achieve their goals. And, obviously, we want to have fun while doing it… I know how much of an impact getting my health in check has had in ALL aspects of my life, and I want nothing more than to show the rest of the world that they can do it, too, without enduring hours on a treadmill or starving themselves on 1200 calories/day. Seriously, there’s a better way. I’m living proof, and Kristina is the methodology behind it. No, I’m not drastically changing course in any way at this specific moment. And no, I’m certainly not quitting my day job any time soon. This is a “big-picture” thing that we’re going to put a lot of time and effort into planning and building out.”

Let’s connect the dots between those two posts and the current state of things, shall we? Continue reading Healthier Beef With Broccoli + Why I Haven’t Blogged in 3 Months (HUGE NEWS)


Baked Pesto Chicken

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. This was my second year cooking for my family, and let me tell ya’ — it was FAR easier this time around. The food was finished an hour ahead of schedule, everything turned out wonderfully, and I only set the smoke alarm off twice — once cooking bacon during breakfast, and once heating up garlic for the stuffing. Of course, we ended it up with way more than enough food, and my workouts were incredible for the following 3-4 days. It’s crazy how much of a difference I can feel during my lifts when I’m eating at a surplus. So many new personal records (PR’s) in the gym!

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It’s Not Delivery OR DiGiorno. It’s Sandwich Thin Pizzas. (And They’re EASY.)

Happy hump day, everybody! This is going to be a short and sweet post, as will anything else that I manage to write between now and next Wednesday. SXSW 2014 creeped up on me, and I realized on Monday that I’m going to be running all over the city of Austin like a crazy (but excited!) person from Thursday afternoon until next Tuesday night. I’m lucky enough to get to attend SXSW Interactive this year, and I’m planning on taking full advantage of it (even though as a newbie, I’m already a little overwhelmed).

In the spirit of being busy and needing things to be simplified, I bring you what is probably the easiest recipe I’ve ever posted: sandwich thin pizzas! (Or pita bread pizzas! Or Ezekiel English Muffin Pizzas!) There’s a ton of room for creativity in this one. Continue reading It’s Not Delivery OR DiGiorno. It’s Sandwich Thin Pizzas. (And They’re EASY.)

Clean Mini Chicken Pot Pies

It’s Baltic in Austin. So cold that I almost refused to walk my dog this morning. I parked my car outside of the parking garage last night, and my door handle was frozen shut this morning. (Weather, it’s MARCH. Get it together.) One thing that cold weather is actually GOOD for: comfort food!

In anticipation of temperatures in the 20’s and thanks to several people voicing their opinion on what I should cook via this Facebook post, I set out on a mission to create a healthy chicken pot pie recipe that would work for my weekly meal prep. I’m really trying to build out my lunch recipe collection these days, if you couldn’t tell. :o) (Yes, the crab rangoons will be my next endeavor.) Also, I’m clearly addicted to my muffin tin right now. Everything that comes out of it is delicious perfection, including these babies. Continue reading Clean Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Healthy Chicken Enchilada Bites

Happy almost weekend, everyone! I’ve got the perfect addition for your list of lunches or dinners next week. If you’ve already planned your meals out and built a shopping list, scratch out the meal that you were least excited about and replace it with this simple recipe. Seriously.

Yes, it’s Mexican food. Yes, it’s delicious. And YES, they’re surprisingly healthy. Continue reading Healthy Chicken Enchilada Bites