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4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Protein Waffles

Waffles, or good old “pancakes with abs” as I like to refer to them, have made a delicious return to my breakfasts over the past few weeks. About two or three months ago, I noticed the new Quest protein powders popping up at my favorite HEB here in Austin. As soon as the Peanut Butter flavor caught my eye, I knew I wasn’t leaving the store without buying at least 2 canisters of it. (No shame.)

The Quest protein powders are basically manufactured to be cooked/baked with, which is one of the main reasons I absolutely love them. I’ve done a few tests over the last few months, and regardless of what I’m making — be it my banana muffins, baked oatmeal, proats, or these waffles — using the Quest powder always results in a better final product than any other protein I’ve tried in the past. (I’m still faithful to my GNC Wheybolic as a pre-/post-workout shake, though!) Continue reading 4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Protein Waffles


White Chocolate Mocha Overnight Oats

I’ve been seeing a TON of overnight oat recipes floating around lately. They’re all the rage in the healthy eating world (according to FitSugar and a few other health/fitness/cooking websites I follow), and I understand why. Waking up to a jar of ready-to-eat, cold, delicious, healthy oats on a hot July morning is pretty awesome.

On Monday, I decided to rediscover my obsession with overnight proats (protein oats). I opened my pantry, glanced at my almost-empty jar of Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful, and immediately had a light bulb moment. How long has it been since I’ve had a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks? Forever. Why not mix my coffee with my White Chocolate proats and recreate the flavor within my breakfast?


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Blueberry Protein Oatmeal Bake + A Year in Review: Top 5 Recipes

This past Wednesday (June 18) marked the one-year anniversary of my first post to this blog. A year behind me, 50 pounds off of me, and 63 unique, healthy recipes under my (much more loosely-fitting) belt, and many many more to come. :o)

To honor my one-year anniversary in the blogging world, I think it’s time to do a Top 5 list of my favorite recipes to date. These aren’t just the best of the best in my eyes: the five that I’m listing out are consistently ordered and re-ordered by my boot camp friends and coworkers who I help meal prep every week. If I could only eat 5 self-cooked meals for the rest of my life, I’d pick these, hands-down:

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Healthy Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

It’s high time for a new (prep-friendly) breakfast recipe, friends.

While my bacon and egg white muffins have held me over for MONTHS (and saved hours in the mornings — I love being able to lift weights¬†before work instead of spending time cooking), I want to share a recipe that has been a breakfast go-to for the last few weeks. This was a “throw a bunch of stuff in a casserole dish and see how it turns out” masterpiece, and I’ve found that it works SO well for weekly meal prep. (Note: the picture actually has ham in it, but I’ve perfected the recipe with sausage since taking that little snapshot. Sausage is totally the way to go.) Continue reading Healthy Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

Cor-Fetti Waffles + Meal Preppin’ for the Masses

I basically conquered my personal “Mt. Everest of Meal Prep” last weekend. You guys know I’m really diligent about prepping mine and Ryan’s food for the week every single weekend — it’s a ritual for me, and I have it down to an absolute science — so I decided to break out of my comfort zone and cook for a few more friends last weekend. I ended up meal prepping for 8 people all at one time on Sunday. Check out my cart at Costco:20140319-162144.jpg

And that was less than half of what I cooked. I still had to make an HEB run after Costco, and that cart was even more packed to the brim. Continue reading Cor-Fetti Waffles + Meal Preppin’ for the Masses